Koffer Klein



Emancipated: a women' briefcase needs to be able to do more than its male counterpart. With charm and style it achieves the balancing act between making a professional impression and feminine elegance. It can clearly be identified as a fashionable handbag, but at the same time offers neatly designed space for documents and pens while also accommodating your laptop and accessories. In Frankfurt Koffer Klein offers you a wide and choice selection of women' briefcases.

  • Boss_05_Handtaschen

    Handbags by BOSS / HUGO BOSS

    A brand which is strong and masterful – and at the same time as light and elegant as hardly any other label. Authentic and discreet luxury – in other words HUGO BOSS.

  • Piquadro_01_Damen_Handtaschen

    Business Handbags by Piquadro

    Tech inside – with this slogan the Italian brand is dedicated to creating choice leather goods for work and leisure.

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